JohnDow EuroVent: Sliding Crabs & Accessories

CSA Series Sliding Ventilation Crab

Product No. CSA-170-75, CSA-170-100 & CSA-230-150

Sliding crabs eliminate the need for overhead drops at every service bay. They are easily positioned wherever needed. Four wheels on top of the crab carry the load while the bottom wheels guide the crab. Choose from 4 different options.


  • For use with ALU-13 and ALU-13HD rail.
  • Easily mounts on rail.
  • Available for 3", 4" and 6" hoses.


  • Automotive-3" diameter (No. CSA-170-75)
    Automotive-4" diameter (No. CSA-170-100)
    Heavy Duty Truck-6" diamater (No. CSA-230 15)

Hose Balancer

Product No. B5K-10
  • For use with all CSA series sliding crabs.
  • Balancer mounts to sliding crab.
  • Balancer retracts hose and keeps it off of the floor when not in use.
  • For 22' max. hose length

Sliding Crab ARL Series Hose Reel

Product No. CSA-ARL-6
  • For use with the ALU-13HD heavy-duty truck rail.
  • Includes 6" x 22' of exhaust hose and hose stop
  • Same features as on the CAR-ALU-HV-100

Sliding Crab Hose Reel

Product No. CAR-ALU-HV-100
  • The popular choice for most exhaust system designs.
  • Combines the features of the CSA sliding crab with a retractable hose reel.
  • For use with ALU-13 rail only.
  • Hose retracts up and out of the way when not in use.
  • Includes 4" x 22' of exhaust hose and hose stop