JohnDow EuroVent: Hose Reels

ARL Reel and Fan Combination

Product No. (see below)
  • ARL series can be coupled with AVA series fans to make a self-contained exhaust extraction system.
  • Fan is mounted using No. FAR-10 Fan/Reel Mounting Coupler.
  • AVA-0.5SP, AVA-0.75SP and AVA-1.0SP fans only. Includes hose stop.


Part No. ARL-3-0.5
Hose Diameter: 3" Length: 50'
Fan: AVA-0.5SP HP:1/2

Part No. ARL-3-0.75
Hose Diameter: 3" Length: 50'
Fan: AVA-0.75SP HP:3/4

Part No.ARL-3-1.0
Hose Diameter: 3" Length:50'
Fan: AVA-1.0SP HP: 1

PartNo. ARL-6-0.5
Hose Diameter: 6" Length: 25'
Fan: AVA-0.5SP HP: 1/2

Fan/Reel Flange

Product No. FAR-10
  • Used to attach AVA series fans to ARL series hose reels

Hose Stop

Product No. FT75, FT100 & FT150

Available in 3 sizes for 3', 4" and 6" hoses:
Use Part No. FT75 for 3" hose Use Part No. FT100 For 4" Hose Use Part No. FT150 For 6" Hose

Wall Mount Hose Exhaust System Kits

Product No. WMS-3-1, WMS-3-2, WMS-4-1 & WMS-4-2
  • Economical single bay exhaust extraction system kits for automotive and motorcycle applications.
  • Kits include fan/hose adapter, wall support for the hose, and 3" or 4" exhaust hose
  • Designed for ASL fans 1/2 HP to 1 HP.
  • Tailpipe adapters and fan are sold separately