JohnDow EuroVent: Universal Ceiling Bracket

Adjustable Ceiling Bracket

Product No. CB-CMA
  • This allows for mounting on angles up to 30°
  • Simply clamp or bolt the bracket to any surface and secure the Mounting Tube
  • 6" x 6" mounting plate

Mounting Tube Connector

Product No. CB-TC
  • Makes extending the Mounting Tube quick and easy

Rail Mount Ceiling Bracket

Product No. CB-RM
  • Designed for use with the "rail bolts" provided
  • Mounts directly to the top of the EuroVent rail
  • 6" x 2" mounting plate

Straight Mounting Tube

Product No. CB-T60
  • This 5' square tube has mounting holes at both ends
  • Can be cut to length or extended for longer applications