Complete Underground System

Part No. EVU-3 - 3" Complete Underground System

Part No. EVU-4 - 4" Complete Underground System

  • Telescoping design makes final adjustments much easier.
  • Makes exhaust duct depth less critical.
  • Eliminates need for additional extension pieces.
  • Flared connections allow the hose to slide smoothly.
  • Oblong mounting holes on saddle allow for horizontal adjustment.
  • Phosphate base coat on all metal parts.
  • Electro-coat primer penetrates all surfaces and seams.
  • Powder-coated top coat provides a durable surface.



Hose Insertion Guide

Part No. EVIG-1


Replacement Door

Part No. EVUD-1

  • 3mm internal steel plate is encapsulated in rubber.
  • No moving parts.
  • 180° opening.
  • Corrosion- and oil-resistant.
  • Easily replaceable.