Aluminum Exhaust Rails Product

Part No. ALU-6, ALU-13, ALU-13HD

  • Extruded aluminum rail is designed to serve as an exhaust suction duct as well as a travel rail for EuroVent sliding crab. The self-support shape and lightweight construction or the rail makes installation easy.
  • The slotted guide on top of the rail along with the mounting bolts allow easy positioning of mounting brackets during installation.
  • Two 1/2" x 1-1/2" structural bolts ( including hex nut and washer) are shipped with each rail.
  • Wheel guides allow the sliding crab to move smoothly and easily along the rail.
  • Slots at the bottom of the rail accept an extruded neoprene seal that closes tight when the system is turned on allowing the effective removal of exhaust fumes by the sliding crab from any position along the rail.


Part No. ALU-6 

  • Aluminum Rail Type: Auto
  • Length: 6'
  • Dim. (A)9" (B)10" (C)6"
  • Wgt: 32lbs

Part No. ALU-13 

  • Aluminum Rail Type: Auto
  • Length: 13'
  • Dim. (A)9" (B)10" (C)6"
  • Wgt: 64lbs

Part No. ALU-13HD 

  • Aluminum Rail Type: Truck
  • Length: 13'
  • DIM. (A)10-1/2" (B)11-1/2" (C)7"
  • Wgt: 82lbs

ARL Series Hose Reels

Part No. ARL-75-15FT & ARL-150-7.5FT

  • Mechanical spring recoil reel.
  • Designed specifically for automotive exhaust extraction.
  • Reels can be mounted on wall, beam or ceiling.
  • Enameled finish.
  • Includes duct connection flange and hose stop Available with 3" or 6" hose.


No. ARL-75-15FT Automotive  

  • 3" Diameter Hose x 50'


No. ARL-150-7.5FT HD Truck

  • 6" Diameter Hose x 25'


Ceiling Brackets

Part No. CB-1222 & CB-2548

  • Aluminum rails can be mounted to the ceiling or wall using the rail bolts, nuts and washers provided and the appropriate mounting brackets.
  • Two mounting styles are available.
  • For use when mounting rail directly to the ceiling or ceiling beams.
  • Can be used with both ALU-13 and ALU-13HD rails.
  • Brackets are adjustable.
  • Two sizes available.

**Adjustable Part No. CB-1222 adjusts from 12" to 22"

**Part No. CB-2548 adjusts from 25" to 48"


Duct Connecting Flange

Part No. FCL-170A & FCL-230A

  • Connects exhaust rail to other ducting.
  • FCL-170A Automotive & FCL-230A Heavy-Duty Truc More Info

Fan Connecting Flange

Part No. FCA-170A & FCA-230A

  • Connects AVA-SP fans to exhaust rails.
  • FCA-170A Automotive & FCA-230A Heavy-Duty Truck

Flange Stop

Part No. FL-170A & FL-230A

  • Installed at the end of a rail system run.
  • FL-170A Automotive & FL-230A Heavy-Duty Truck

Neoprene Seal

Part No. 2076-ESE

  • Supplied with each aluminum rail, the extruded rubber seal attaches to the two slots on the bottom of the rail.
  • Seal can be installed either manually or using a seal installation tool

Rail Connecting Flange

Part No. TL-170A & TL-230A

  • Used for connecting aluminum rails together.
  • TL-170A Automotive & TL-230A Truck

Rail Vent Tap Assembly


  • The rail vent-tap makes it easy to connect ducting to the middle of any EuroVent installation with a number of options for venting the system to the exhaust fan and to the outside.
  • A 3-ft. section of the aluminum rail is already slotted and fitted with a 5-3/4" x 14" flange opening for ease of installation.
  • The assembly will accept custom ducting or the factory designed connections shown below.
  • The rail is installed using the TL170A rail connecting flanges.

Seal Kit

Part No. 11-006, 14-100 & 14-008

  • Gaps in the neoprene seal where the aluminum rails are connected need to be sealed to insure proper system operation.
  • A seal kit provided with each system order.
  • Kit includes (1) No. 11-006 Patch - (1) No. 14-100 Rubber Prep - (1) No. 14-008 Cement

Side Duct Connection


  • This connection is typically used to tie two or more system runs together and where the exit point is through a sidewall.
  • Vent has a 10" diameter opening.
  • It attaches to the ALU-3FT-VTAP using self-tapping 1/4" screws.

Top Duct Connection


  • Attaches to ALU-3FT-VTAP using 1/4" self-tapping screws.
  • The connection has a 10' diameter opening and is typically used for system designs that require the exit point to be through the roof. 

Wall Mount "L" Bracket

Part No. SAD-ALU-80

  • Aluminum rails can be mounted to the ceiling or wall using the rail bolts, nuts and washers provided and the appropriate mounting brackets.
  • Two mounting styles are available.
  • For mounting rail to a wall or column. Bracket is 16" x 32"