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Optional FC-PRK13 Two-Way Pump

  • 2-way operation for dispensing and siphoning
  • Heavy-Duty cast iron design
  • Pumps one gallon per 13 revolutions
  • Carbon graphite vanes
  •  8' hose assembly
  • For use with gasoline, kerosene and diesel                                                               




Molded Handle  

The molded handle is designed for comfort and balance when transporting.                                                                   




"Lay Flat" Design

The handle also serves as a secure rest when the caddy is being transported on it's back.                                                                




Center Baffle

A center baffle provides added strength and prevents "sloshing" of fuel     

10" Pneumatic Tires

The pneumatic tires make it easy to move the caddy over any type of surface



 *Product details are identical for the Gasoline and Diesel models

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