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EuroVent Exhaust Extraction Develops The Micro Activation Switch

EuroVent Vehicle Exhaust Extraction, a division of JohnDow Industries recently introduced another enhancement for exhaust extraction.  The new Micro Activation Switch is an optional on/off switch mounted on retractable hose reels that is activated when the exhaust hose is retracted for operation.  The exhaust extraction system is triggered once the hose is pulled down from…

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EuroVent Introduces NEW Heavy-Duty Motorized Hose Reel System

EuroVent Vehicle Exhaust Extraction has announced the addition to its product line of the Heavy Duty Motorized Hose Reel System (CAR-8HD).  These customized exhaust extraction systems have been developed for use with: Diesel trucks                                   Aircraft ventilation Military vehicles                             Marine applications Heavy equipment                            Municipal vehicles These systems are fixed motorized overhead hose reels.  A properly designed and…

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