About Us

For over 35 years, JohnDow Industries has served the Automotive Aftermarket by providing high quality, innovative products and backing them up with exceptional service and support.  Our belief is that partnering with customers in this way fosters long term relationships and success.  Keeping that belief in mind, we have developed and live by these following Core Principles:

Innovative Solutions

Our focus is always on the service installers and what they need to make their jobs easier and make their businesses run efficiently and safely.  Having a direct dialogue with the installers and listening to their problems is the basis for our product development.  That is why JohnDow core products are designed with unique features and functions that help those installers improve their operations.

Quality Driven Products

Service installers count heavily on the reliability of the tools and equipment they use in their day-to-day service operations.  Our products are engineered and tested to provide the highest levels of quality, reliability and safety.  Through an ongoing review of materials, manufacturing processes and designs, our team of engineers continually looks for ways to improve our products to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Broad In-Focus Product Categories

JohnDow products provide solutions and opportunities for our customers in a broad range of automotive service categories.  Within each category are focused products that address specific installer needs and issues.  These categories include:

  • Fluid Handling  -  both used oil & gasoline
  • Air Movement  -  with a focus on vehicle exhaust extraction
  • Around the Wheel  -  equipment and parts for tire and wheel related services
  • Storage Solutions  -  products for shop organization and efficiency
  • Maintenance and Repair  -  products and parts to support everyday service activities

Business Support

JohnDow is committed to supporting our customers and products at all levels.  We do this in several ways:

  • For both the installer and our channel partner, we provide seamless product and service support through our world class customer service organization.
  • A national network of knowledgeable field sales and service representatives are available to provide product service, support and training at the local level.
  • Ongoing promotional programs are provided to support our channel partners' growth in the many JohnDow product categories

Supply & Delivery

We understand that our success and that of our customers depends on our ability to provide our products and services on a consistent and reliable level.  To do this we focus on three key elements:

  • Fast order fulfillment
  • High level of order fill
  • On-time delivery