“JDI Dynamic Brand Cleans Up With New Chemical Line”

Barberton, Ohio – Recently JDI’s Dynamic brand introduced its Pro Series Chemical line.  The Tire & Wheel Care category of products includes a professional grade Dynamic Tire & Wheel Cleaner containing a special polymer surfactant that breaks the bond of road soil and brake dust residue from all types of wheels.  Also included is the Dynamic-Tire Shine which contains a unique emulsified silicon formula making this product easy to apply and results in an even, glossy wet finish.

The Specialty Shop Product category includes the Dynamic-PrePrep7, specially formulated to clean the wheel surface in preparation for applying adhesive wheel weights.  It is fast drying and leaves no surface residue.  This category also includes a general purpose cleaner/degreaser called the Dynamic-Super Shop detergent.  This product has unlimited applications from general cleaning of counter tops and shop equipment to use as a degreaser for parts and tools.

Mark Pfleeger, Vice President-Sales & New Business Development at JDI stated “we are very excited to introduce this new line of cleaning products.  Our objectives for 2014 and beyond include adding new product lines to our existing offerings in a continued effort to diversify the JohnDow family of products.  Dynamic’s two new chemical cleaning categories fit very well into these objectives”.

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