JDI joins Mohawk Lifts as a supplier to The National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA)

Barberton, Ohio – The National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) recently re-awarded Mohawk Lifts of Amsterdam, NY, a nationwide five year contract to supply government agencies across the U.S. with Mohawk Lifts.  In addition to Mohawk Lifts, the contract stipulates other shop equipment manufacturers which include JohnDow EuroVent® Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems.

EuroVent®, a brand of JohnDow Industries, manufactures cost-effective state-of-the-art systems for efficiently removing toxic exhaust fumes from auto repair facilities and dealership service departments.  These Euro-styled systems provide facilities with a clean, modern and professional appearance.  Four unique systems are designed to meet the changing needs of today’s repair facilities:  Above Ground/Rail Systems, Above Ground/Telescoping Systems, In-Ground Systems and Portable Systems.  EuroVent® is the largest supplier of “rail type” vehicle exhaust systems in the United States.

EuroVent® Systems are approved by all major vehicle manufacturers.

NJPA’s cooperative contract leverages the national purchasing power of more than 50,000 member agencies while also streamlining the required purchasing process.  As a municipal national contracting agency, NJPA establishes and provides nationally leveraged and competitively solicited purchasing contracts under the guidance of the Uniform Municipal Contracting Law creating a business and service alliance between member buyers and contracted suppliers.

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