JohnDow Dynamic Introduces DVT Pro-Select Training Video

Barberton, Ohio – Part of JohnDow Dynamic’s recent introduction of its NEW DVT Pro-Select Sensor System included the production of TPMS Video Module #7 detailing the features and training methods for this programmable sensor solution.

In a little over four minutes the video communicates the many advantages of this new sensor system:

  • 98% vehicle coverage for Domestic, European and Asian vehicles
  • fast wireless programming with no pad or cradles needed to program the sensors
  • programs with all major TPMS tools from Bartec, Ateq and Snap-On
  • copy/clone – the capability of copying the ID from the old sensor and programming the new DVT Pro-Select Sensor
  • a three sensor program that is easy to manage and can lower inventory investment
  • “through the tire” programming that eliminates the need to breakdown the tire and wheel to reprogram
  • future update technology with new protocols that can be copied onto the DVT Pro-Select Sensors without hardware changes
  • dual valve technology providing easy interchange between rubber or metal valve options
  • online data contains lookup application data available on Epicor, WHI, Wrench Head, Show-Me-The-Parts and MAM
  • manufactured and tested to OE specifications and performance standards

(View the DVT Pro-Select training video module #7 at)

The Pro-Select System includes three part numbers – DVT-P3152, DVT-P4332 and DVT-P4332W that is specifically designed to work with ALL late model Wireless Auto Locate (WAL) equipped vehicles.  A large portion of the video is dedicated to instruction on how to program the new Dynamic DVT Pro-Select sensors, complete the relearn process and clone an ID to our new sensors.  This new TPMS Video Module #7 supplements the recently updated Dynamic TPMS training video library.

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