20-Gallon Combination Fluid Evacuator & Oil Drain

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All-in-one fluid evacuator and self-evacuating oil drain.

Features include:

  • 20-gallon heavy-duty steel tank
  • 16″ offset funnel with expanded metal screen
  • Self-evacuating with 6′ discharge hose
  • Powerful venturi vacuum generator and vacuum gauge
  • Wheels and casters are oil and chemical resistant for longer life
  • Six suction probes and three “OE Style” adapters with convenient storage tube
  • Sight tube for quick indication of fluid level


Gallons 20-gallon
Suction Capacity 14-gallon
Air Pressure for Vacuum 110-115 psi
Depressurization Time 120-150 sec.
Suction Speed .04-.05 gpm
Material Steel
Funnel Size 16”
Wheel Size – Front 4” Casters
Wheel Size – Rear 7” Fixed
Height Adjustment 50” to 70”
Weight 62 lbs.
Weight – w/bowl 72 lbs.



20-Gallon Combination Fluid Evacuator and Oil Drain with Transparent Bowl

The JDI-20COMBO-B is equipped with a 2-gallon transparent bowl which gives the operator the option to check quantity and quality of oil prior to discharging into the tank below. The bowl is heat resistant to a maximum of 212 F.


For more detailed information including the Operator’s Manual, see the PDFs below or review our Full Catalog for more equipment options.

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