Aluminum Exhaust Rail

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Extruded aluminum rails come in standard 13’ lengths and are connected together to form the exhaust duct for the overhead exhaust rail system. A neoprene rubber seal is installed on the two sides of the connected rails. The rubber seal allows the EuroVent sliding hose reels or telescoping drops to freely travel along the rails. An airtight seal is formed when the negative pressure from the exhaust fan pulls the neoprene seals together.

Assembled aluminum rails are mounted along the service bays 12’ to 18’ above the finished floor. Universal ceiling brackets are sold separately. (See the EuroVent Overhead Rail System Installation Guide for specific installation details).

Aluminum rails are available for both automotive and heavy-duty truck applications


For more details on our Aluminum Exhuast Rails, see the pdf below.  For more EuroVent Exhaust Extraction products, see our Full Catalog


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