DEF 55-Gallon Drum Dispensing System – Electric

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“All-Inclusive” service system for refilling onboard Diesel Emission Fluid (DEF) tanks. This equipment is required for repair facilities servicing diesel powered vehicles with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. Equipment is designed and made to handle the corrosive properties of Diesel Emission Fluid.

DEF 55-Gallon Drum Dispensing System – Electric


Features include:

  • DEF Series submersible pump
  • Deluxe “resettable” turbine digital flow meter
  • Stainless steel automatic delivery nozzle
  • 8′ flexible delivery hose
  • 2″ bung adapter with vent
  • Service cart
Pump Capacity 6 gpm
Volts 120 VAC
Suction Tube – DEF-1A 40″
Suction Tube – DEF-Tote-A 44″




For use with IBC Tote Tanks.


  • DEF Series Pump
  • Digital flow meter
  • Automatic delivery nozzle
  • 8′ flexible hose
  • 2″ bung adapter


For more equipment options, review our Full Catalog.

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