Electrical Assortments

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JohnDow/Dynamic Electrical Assortments provide the most popular parts used for automotive electrical repairs. Each assortment comes in a durable plastic case that keeps all of the fittings organized and easy to find.  The detailed lid insert identifies each part with a graphic reference and size.  Reorder part numbers, quantities and UPC codes are also shown.


Available assortments:


Pro Fuse Assortment (Micro2, MAXI, JCase)

  • 24 part numbers, 65 pieces

Plug-In Fuse Assortment (ATM and ATO)

  • 24 part numbers, 135 pieces

Vinyl Terminal Assortment

  • 24 part numbers, 320 pieces

Shrink Terminal Assortment

  • 24 part numbers, 150 pieces

Copper Lug Assortment

  • 8 part numbers, 25 pieces

Shrink Tubing Assortment

  • 5 part numbers, 85 pieces


For detailed assortment information, click on the appropriate link below.


NOTE: JohnDow/Dynamic Electrical Assortments can be used with the Tower Storage Solution.  See the STORAGE section of this website for more information.

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