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Whether it is for comfort cooling, destratification, or for architectural purposes, we have you covered! EuroVent HVLS strives to provide you with the highest performing fans on the market through our extensive research, testing and product offering.

Standard Construction Features

Airfoils – Unique extruded aluminum airfoil shape is designed to maximize airflow and coverage area.

Intelligent VFD and Motor – Factory-mounted, wired and programmed variable frequency drive (VFD). Direct drive motor and VFD combination result in high efficiency, low sound and ultra-light installation. Smart features include over-speed and impact detection along with temperature, voltage and current monitoring.

Fire Relay – Keep your buildings and products safe.Low voltage relay can be wired into a building’s fire suppression system for automatic fan shutdown when sprinklers are activated.

Guy Wire Kit – Braided steel guy wires prevent lateral fan movement for safe installations.

Model WC and WS HVLS Fans

Model WC5 is an aesthetic five-blade, direct drive design for use in commercial spaces with low to medium height ceilings. With its sleek design, the WC5 combines comfortable air movement with a variety of unique color options. These fans are effortless to install with a total weight less than one hundred pounds, the lightest among comparable HVLS fans.

Applications – Office spaces, restaurants and bars, education facilities, supermarkets, retail stores, fitness centers.

Fan diameters are 8 and 12 ft.

Up to 54,900 cfm

Model WS3 is an efficient and economical three-blade, direct drive HVLS fan designed for commercial or industrial spaces with medium to high ceilings. These economical fans are the ideal balance between cost and performance, making them a smart choice for budget-conscious building owners. Plus, with a lighter weight than comparable HVLS fans, the WS3 is a breeze to install in any building.

Fan diameters between 16 and 24 ft.

Up to 164,900 cfm

Model WS6 is a six-blade, direct drive HVLS fan designed for commercial or industrial spaces with medium to high ceilings. As the industry’s best performing HVLS fan, the WS6 delivers unrivaled airflow at incredibly quiet sound levels. Along with reduced operating costs, the WS6 is clearly the best value HVLS product on the market.

Applications: Airports, Gynmasiums, Agricultural facilities, Manufacturing facilities, Automotive facilities, Distribution Centers, Stadiums and Arenas

Fan diameters between 8 and 24 ft.

Up to 243,000 cfm

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