Overhead Rail Exhaust Systems

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The original overhead  rail exhaust extraction system.

This popular design is available for both automotive and heavy‐duty service facilities and provides several distinct advantages.

Enhanced Professional Image

The streamlined look and euro‐style design of EuroVent rail systems enhances the look of any service area. It provides your service department with a clean, modern and professional image by eliminating the cluttered look of hoses hanging at every bay.

Custom Engineered For Safety

Employee safety is the number one priority of an exhaust removal system. EuroVent systems are professionally designed using the latest industry criteria and components to eliminate even minimal exposure to carbon monoxide fumes.

Maximum Efficiency and Minimal Operating Costs

A EuroVent rail systems requires fewer outlets to cover all of the service bays by using sliding hose reels or telescoping hose drops which can be easily positioned where they are needed. This design saves money and energy by utilizing a smaller system fan and minimizing air loss.

Cost Efficient Installation

Because of the modular “bolt together” design EuroVent rail systems are less expensive to install compared to other systems. Extensive installation issues are eliminated. Most systems
are engineered with eight basic components.

Virtually Maintenance Free

By using a rugged extruded aluminum rail EuroVent systems are virtually maintenance free and hold up under very heavy use. No need to worry about in ground PVC or cast iron pipes that can freeze or break or HVAC spiral duct which can be easily damaged. The EuroVent rail is backed by an industry exclusive Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Limitless Flexibility

Because of the modular design a EuroVent system can be easily modified to the changing needs in your service bays. Systems can be expanded with additional sliding hose reels or aluminum
rails. Hose reels and other components are available in a variety of colors to custom match workbenches, lifts and OE color schemes.

Extruded Aluminum Exhaust Rail

The modular design uses an extruded aluminum rail that is installed overhead behind the service bays. A neoprene rubber seal is installed on the two side of the connected rails and forms an airtight seal when the negative pressure from the exhaust fan pulls the neoprene seals together.  The rubber seal allows the EuorVent sliding hose reels or telescoping drops to freely travel along the rails.

Sliding Crab Hose Reels and Drops

With a EuroVent Overhead Rail Exhaust System there is no need for an exhaust drop at every service bay. The sliding hose reels and telescoping drops can be easily moved along the aluminum rail and positioned at any service bay they are needed.  Four wheels on top of the crab carry the load while the bottom wheels serve as a guide.

Sliding Crab Hose Reels

  • Models for automotive and heavy duty truck applications
  • Automotive hose reels are available in three colors – blue, black, and red
  • Complete with 25’ of exhaust hose – standard or high temp
  • Tailpipe adapters sold separately

Sliding Crab with Telescoping Hose

  • Three piece telescoping exhaust hose retracts when not in use
  • Available in three colors – blue, black, and red

Includes 4”x6” QuickLink tailpipe adapter

For more details on the EuroVent Exhaust Extraction products, see our Full Catalog

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