Sliding Crab Hose Reels & Drops

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Sliding Crab Hose Reels and Drops

With a EuroVent Overhead Rail Exhaust System there is no need for an exhaust drop at every service bay. The sliding hose reels and telescoping drops can be easily moved along the aluminum rail and positioned at any service bay they are needed.  Four wheels on top of the crab carry the load while the bottom wheels serve as a guide.


Sliding Crab Hose Reels

  • Models for automotive and heavy duty truck applications
  • Automotive hose reels are available in three colors – blue, black, and red
  • Complete with 25’ of exhaust hose – standard or high temp
  • Tailpipe adapters sold separately


Sliding Crab with Telescoping Hose

  • Three piece telescoping exhaust hose retracts when not in use
  • Available in three colors – blue, black, and red
  • Includes 4”x6” QuickLink tailpipe adapter


For more details on our Sliding Crab Hose Reels and Drops, see the pdf below.  For more EuroVent Exhaust Extraction products, see our Full Catalog

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