Oil Drain Splash Pads

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Oil Drain Splash Pads (2 pack)


Oil and fluid splash from draining can cause messy shop floor spills and slippery, unsafe work areas. Eliminate this issue by using the new JohnDow JDI-SP1 Oil Drain Splash Pad. Made with special PVC string material and a mesh design, fluids will not escape and remain inside the oil drain funnel. The 15” diameter pads fit most standard oil drain pans and you can trim to size if necessary.

Features include:

  • Tight weaves eliminates splatter or splashing
  • Fits standard oil drain pans with trimming ease for perfect fitment
  • Fluid rapidly transmits through pad into the drain pan or funnel
  • Use with any type of fluid including engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid and other automotive solvents
  • Made of long-lasting, durable, nonfraying PVC string material

Product Specifications:

  • 15″ diameter
  • Heavy-duty 0.78″ thickness

For more information, see the PDF below or check out our Full Catalog for more equipment options.

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