Tire Repair Materials & Tools

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JohnDow provides high quality materials and tools used to perform puncture repairs on most passenger car and light truck tires that fulfills the industry recommended repair requirement of “filling the injury” and “patching the innerliner”.

Repair Materials Include:

Combination Repair Units

  • A one-piece repair unit used when the injury angle is less than 25 degrees.

Lead Wire Inserts

  • Wire guided insert seals the injury and is used as part of a two-piece repair system.

Universal Repair Patches

  • Rubber reinforced repair unit used as part of a two-piece repair system.

Tire Service Chemicals include:

  • Vulcanizing Cement
  • Rubber Prep

Tire Repair Service Tools include:

  • Low-Speed Tire Buffer and Buffing Wheels
  • Two Step Reamer
  • Skiving Knife
  • Innerliner Scraper
  • Stitcher
  • Tire Crayons

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