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Rubber Prep (Flammable)
20 Oz. Can, Net Wt. 13.0 Oz.
Item No:    DY-1883

  • Prepares rubber surfaces
  • Removes debris and mold lubricants prior to buffing
  • Promotes good adhesion for patches and plugs

Vulcanizing Cement (Flammable)  
8 Oz. Can, Net Wt. 8.0 Oz.
Item No:    DY-7879

  • For chemical and heat vulcanizing
  • Fast drying
    Use with any JDI repair unit for insert

Bead Sealer
32 Oz. Can, Net Wt. 32.0 Oz.
Item No:    DY-1888

  • For sealing small air leaks between tire and wheel
  • Brush top cap

Tire Paste
6.5 Lb. Pail, Net Wt. 3.0 Lbs.
Item No:    DY-3245

  • For mounting and removal of tires
  • Rubber lubricant with rust preventative

PrePrep7 Rim Surface Cleaner
20 Oz. Bottle, Net Wt. 20.0 Oz.
Item No:    DY-PP7

  • Provides an excellent surface to apply adhesive weights
  • More effective than citrus based cleaners
  • Safer to use than brake cleaners – can be used on all wheel finishes
  • Cleans in seconds – fast drying
  • Works in both warm and cold conditions

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