Tire Taxi™ – Extended

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The safe, ergonomic and more efficient method for handling and transporting wheels and tires.

The Tire Taxi™ is specially designed to make moving tires throughout the service bays simple, fast and safe. With the Tire Taxi you can:

  • Increase Technician Productivity
  • Decrease Injuries
  • Increase Shop Efficiency
  • Promote Safety

Tire Taxi – EX


The Tire Tire Taxi EX is an extended version of the original Tire Taxi. Designed to create a more ergonomic working height, the Tire Taxi EX has four legs that extend the overall height to 23”.

  • Helps to improve work posture
  • Avoids unnecessary lifting
  • Reduces strain on back, knees and shoulders
  • Maximum load – 265 lbs.


For more detailed information, see the PDFs below or review our Full Catalog for more equipment options.

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