Vacuum Connectors

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JohnDow/Dynamic provides the most popular replacement emission vacuum connectors.


Vacuum Connectors include:


  • Tee Connectors
  • Hose Splice
  • Vacuum Caps
  • 4-5 way Tees
  • Universal Breakaway Connectors


For part numbers and size information for Vacuum Connectors, click the appropriate link below.



Vacuum Connector Assortment


Vacuum Connectors are available in an assortment containing the most popular parts. Included are tee connectors, splice connectors and vacuum caps. 24 part numbers- 118 pieces.


For detailed assortment information, click the appropriate link below.



Note: The JohnDow/Dynamic Vacuum Connector Assortment can be used with the Tower Storage Solution. See the STORAGE section of this website for more information.

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