Service Part Assortments

Automotive Service Parts

Profit and productivity always take a hit when inexpensive service parts are not readily available. Trying to locate, source, or wait for delivery of a low cost item results in idle service bays, wasted technician time and lost profit.

And without a system to keeps those parts organized, easy to fine and easy to reorder your service parts inventory can evolve into a collection of half-used kits, duplicated assortments, obsolete parts and wasted money.

The JohnDow Automotive Service Parts Assortments program solves these problems. JohnDow has combined the most popular small service parts in key service categories with an innovative and easy-to-use storage and organizing system.  It is designed to save the professional installer time and money by making key service parts readily available and affordable.

Service Parts Assortments

JohnDow has developed 18 assortments that include the most popular service parts for these key service categories:














Select one of the highlighted service categories for specific assortment information or review the Assortment Catalog for additional information.


Tower Storage Solution Cabinet

The JohnDow Tower Storage Cabinet is the perfect solution for small parts storage. It is designed to hold up to 12 different assortments of the most popular service parts. The space and compact design easily fits in the service area keeping parts easy to access and organized.